When should I consider CRM software for my business?

By Angus McDonald - 01/10/2020 9:25:00 AM

Many decisions that businesses make as they scale and grow fit in the “is it too early to consider XXXX?” bucket. Did the chicken come first or the egg? For the vast majority of these decisions the answer will be “it depends” however when it comes to setting up CRM software we’re going to argue that “now” is the right decision for all companies at all stages.

Firstly we’ll consider the most common alternative to working CRM software which is Excel or Google Sheets. Many small businesses will sit on a mish-mash of spreadsheets to manage their finances, sales process, customer data, etc etc. Spreadsheet after spreadsheet quickly evolves into chaos, even for the very early stage life of a business. You could argue that at such early stages it’s simply not needed however what are the common consequences of this spreadsheet approach?

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The overarching consequence of managing a business on spreadsheets is the impact on revenue growth and sales process. Generating new sales and all important cash for a new business is single handedly the most critical task. Cash is king and many small businesses end up failing because they simply cannot generate enough cash to survive. Prioritising a well structured and thought out sales process complemented by a system in which to execute that sales process can be the difference between success and failure. Trying to implement something like this across various spreadsheets and documents is incredibly difficult and drought with risk of failure.

Secondly, it’s never too early to be thinking about the long term scalability of your business. We speak from experience when we say cleaning up data because no one thought about how it should be structured to scale is an...absolute….nightmare! It’s time consuming, it’s costly, it’s demotivating, it’s a headache and takes away from a company's ability of focussing on growing the business. Setting up even a simple structure for your prospect and customer data in CRM software allows a business to easily build and grow in the future. Think long term and make good decisions now.

Last but not least, CRM software such as HubSpot CRM is FREE with the free product being designed specially for a small business to have just enough functionality to get by. A business really has no excuse anymore for managing themselves on spreadsheets when a platform like this exists.

It’s never too early to consider CRM software for your business. Think scalability, think long-term, think about removing problems for yourself in the future.


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