What Is Inbound Lead Generation?

By Angus McDonald - 12/11/2020 5:58:48 PM

Getting people to interact with your brand in a meaningful way can be quite challenging. Brands that focus on inbound lead generation strategies rely less on aggressive advertising and more on SEO and valuable content. In other words, they let visitors come to them.

Think of inbound marketing as an alternative way of generating better leads. Instead of fishing for prospects’ emails, you invest in content marketing that will help you build authority and bring interested prospects to you.

As a marketing strategy, inbound marketing was made popular by Hubspot in the mid-2000s. Hubspot’s inbound lead generation techniques have since been adopted by thousands of online businesses with great success.

What Is a Lead?

To understand the philosophy behind inbound lead generation, we must first define the term ‘lead’.

When talking about leads, marketers refer to any individual or business that may be interested in buying another business’s product or service. You usually know someone is a lead because they have shared their contact information with you (usually their email).

Inbound Lead Generation Basics

There are two main ways a business can go about generating leads. It can attempt to capture the attention of its audience with interruptive—and at times, even spammy—emails, ads, phone calls, you name it. This strategy, known as outbound marketing, is what all marketers did before the internet came to life.

Inbound marketing came as an answer to annoying outreach methods that most customers tended to ignore. Because of the way Google search works, businesses could now focus on creating valuable content, gaining a lot of authority as a result.

Google awards websites that publish great content by allowing them to show up higher up in search. More visibility means more visitors, and more visitors translates into more leads and potential customers. That’s what inbound lead generation is all about.

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Example of an Inbound Lead Generation Strategy

Here’s an example of an inbound lead generation strategy at work:

  • A company that sells beauty products creates a new website.
  • They craft several insightful blog posts that they believe would help their target audience.
  • They optimise their content so that their target audience can find them through Google’s search results.
  • They create a so-called lead magnet, which is designed to offer visitors something valuable in exchange for their email (e.g., 35% off their first order).
  • The offer is then displayed throughout the website’s content in the form of a call-to-action button.
  • The people that end up sharing their email addresses become leads that can now be better targeted with future email campaigns.

Generating more leads is crucial to success. Create your own inbound lead generation strategy today and prepare for the digital marketing world of tomorrow.


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