How to Personalize Customer Service in Your Call Centre

By Angus McDonald - 04/12/2020 8:11:00 AM

While a call centre is a fantastic way to offer and manage customer service, it comes with unique challenges. Even though you’re still talking to the customer in real-time, a call centre prevents you from making a face-to-face connection.

Though you can still hear each other’s tone, facial expressions and body language are missed. Regardless, personalized connections and service are no less important in a call centre than in real-life. Here are a few tips to help make it happen:

Use Their Name

This may seem obvious, but if you’re not conscious about doing it, you may accidentally go through an entire call without using the customer’s name. While you may still resolve the issue, the call can feel cold and impersonal.

Addressing the customer by their name tells them you’re paying attention to them and care about building a solid relationship, rather than rushing to get the job done.

Create Optimized Scripts

On the surface, this one sounds counterintuitive. How can a script make something more personalized? If you’re using the exact same script across the board, it won’t. But, using software to create optimized scripts will.

These are created using a call centre scripting software. These create a personalized script for any situation with tested and approved language. You can create scripts for common problems and more specific ones as they arise. Agents can offer feedback and alter scripts as necessary to make them even better for the next time.

How does this increase personalization?

  • Scripts anticipate needs and questions so agents are prepared. This eliminates the need to fumble through resources or put people on hold to get a manager.
  • It allows agents to speak clearly and confidently.
  • The scripts can link to an integrated CRM software so agents can access customer information faster. This saves time on basic information and allows more time for detailed service.

When it comes to complex issues or very specific questions, about 40% of customers prefer speaking on the phone over email. A detailed script will help agents resolve complicated requests more effectively.

customer service in your call centre

Use Automation

We have so many tools at our disposal these days that many small things can be automated. Rather than transferring your customers around, use a system that will automatically direct them to the correct department.

Comprehensive CRM software is important as well. This allows agents to pull up details, information, notes, and past call logs right away. This eliminates the need to get this information from the customer and leaves more time for creating a personal experience.

A good communication system throughout the company is also helpful as you can share information in real-time. If an agent requires assistance from another department, they can send a quick instant message and hopefully get an instant answer without leaving the customer on hold.

Make Small Talk

This is not a waste of time when done right. Of course, you should learn to read people and determine when it could backfire. Generally, though, customers appreciate little bits of small talk and general questions about their day or wellbeing.

This tells them you care and also reminds them that they’re talking to a real person and not a robot.

Don’t Rush

While efficiency is certainly important, you don’t want any customer to feel like you’re rushing them out the door, so to speak. Technology like proper automation and optimized scripts give you the time you need to make a personal connection without keeping anyone on the phone for too long.


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