How to Improve Your Call Centre With a VoIP Phone

By Angus McDonald - 28/11/2020 10:31:00 AM

Despite the many advancements in customer service, call centres are still popular and thriving. The way a call centre is run largely dictates how successful this method is in terms of customer satisfaction and ticket resolution.

Phone calls either result in customers leaving frustrated and empty-handed, or completely satisfied. The former is not always a result of incompetent customer service agents, but a poorly managed system.

Many issues are universal to call centres. Implementing a voip phone can help resolve many of them.

Miss Fewer Calls

Customers may not appreciate being left on hold, but not getting an answer at all is even worse. Voip phones allow you to create custom rules and ensure that fewer calls are missed.

For example, you can automatically direct incoming calls to the next available agent. This is a common practice in call centres, but voip phones let you take it a step further. If no one is available, you can either prompt customers to leave a message, or direct the call to additional employees who are ready to answer phones at a moment’s notice.

Scale up or Down

Especially if your business is small and/or new, growth is unpredictable and often fluctuates. With a voip phone, you’re only paying for the exact amount that you use it, never more. You don’t have to worry about choosing a plan you think will work, but not even coming close to using it all during a slow month.

Because a voip system uses your internet connection to make the calls, you can quickly expand as necessary or downsize without overpaying.

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Analyze Interactions

Voip phones allow you to record all calls and play them back later. This is useful for future training sessions and for supervisors to analyze interactions and look for weak points in conversation.

Beyond recording, voip phones integrate with other productivity and CRM tools. This allows you to catalogue and organize your calls alongside other customer information.

You can also create automatic reports on call and usage trends such as call times, availability, the average time taken to answer, etc. On the flip side, you can also track customer-centred metrics. Examples include how many times one person called back with the same problem, or how often you heard from a promising lead before making the sale.

This helps you better anticipate the needs of customers and further identify weaknesses within the team.

Save Money

Perhaps the most exciting benefit for the company itself is the money you save by switching to a voip system. You already have an internet data plan. If you’re using a traditional phone service, you’re paying a provider for this, too.

By switching to voip, all your phone calls will piggyback onto your internet usage which is often much more affordable than paying for a landline. You don’t have to pay for a bunch of equipment and then pay even more for someone to install it. Updates are also much cheaper as it’s all digital and requires no new equipment.

All these savings can go towards many different things to improve your service. Perhaps you hire more people to handle increased demand, or you offer more in-depth training to increase the skills of your current team.

Regardless, you have room to invest elsewhere and improve the customer experience that much more.

Increase Flexibility

Lastly, voip phone systems allow for much more flexibility. Traditional phone systems would have to be set up in one location - such as the office - and stay there. Because voip phones use the internet, you can access them anywhere.

This makes it easy to set up remote employees in another city or even country. It also means any employee can work from home occasionally and still have access to the system.

You Won’t Regret it

While these are some of the main benefits of using a voip phone, this list is far from exhaustive. With much lower costs, better flexibility, and so many customizable features, your call centre overhaul will be off to a great start.


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