8 Tips to Guarantee Success in Inbound Sales

By Angus McDonald - 08/12/2020 3:39:40 PM

More and more people are beginning to understand the value of inbound sales methodology over outbound sales methodology. Inbound sales focuses on targeting buyers who have already expressed an interest in your product, rather than directing pitches at anyone who will listen. Since you’re only targeting these qualified leads, you have a much better chance of closing the deal.

If you’re ready to make the switch, consider these essential tips for success with inbound sales!

1. Use Customized Pitches

Many salespeople who utilize outbound methods use a script, giving the same pitch over and over again when speaking with potential customers. They underestimate the importance of customized pitches, which play an instrumental role in making or breaking a sale!

According to Elise Dopson at Databox, using the same pitch for every customer feels insincere. Really listening and understanding a buyer’s needs is an instrumental part of inbound sales, and your pitch should reflect this. A sales call tailored to the customer’s specific wants and needs will build trust and greatly increase your chances of closing the deal.

2. Focus on Proving Value

Since the customer is already considering your product or service, you don’t need to “sell” them on it. Instead, show them how it can fit their needs or solve their problems. As with all aspects of inbound sales, this goes hand in hand with listening and understanding. Strategic advises us to always tie the product or service back to the buyer’s specific situation. Show the direct cause-and-effect between what you have to offer and what the customer needs to solve their problems.

3. Don’t Push the Customer

Resist the urge to be the stereotypical “sleazy car salesman.” While you want to help the customer understand the value and benefits of your product or service, you never want to push them to make a purchase before they’re ready, or convince them to purchase a product that’s not actually a good fit!

Strategic says, instead of concentrating on making a sale, you should have customer satisfaction at the forefront of your mind. Educate them on what your offering can provide them with, properly remedy any concerns or objections that come up, and give them time to consider before trying to close the deal! According to Caras Marketing & Training, allowing the customer to have this time is crucial. If they feel they’re being rushed, you might lose the deal altogether.

4. Use the Information You Have on Leads

You might have some data on your potential customers available at your disposal before you even make the initial call. This may include information submitted through a contact form, a user’s digital footprint, or any other information collected through online profiles.

Review this information before you make any calls. According to Dan Tyre at HubSpot, this gives you a better chance of connecting with someone who’ll be open to your pitch, improving your calls-to-sales ratio!


Tips to Guarantee Success in Inbound Sales


5. Let Your Customers Come to You

The best way to close more deals is by letting people come to you. By encouraging interested buyers to contact you first, you can save a lot of would-be wasted time on customers who aren’t quite ready to hear what you have to say. Databox says one of the easiest ways to increase your incoming calls is to make your contact information readily available online. Make sure your phone number or email address is clearly listed on each page of your website.

You could also add a “Request a Call Back” button somewhere on your site. Some people prefer this because it’s an easy way to learn more information and have a conversation at a time that’s convenient for them!

6. Mix Statements with Questions

No one wants to be interrogated, so it’s important to not ask your potential customer a long list of boring questions. They might view this as invasive, or they may get annoyed and hang up! To keep your customer feeling comfortable and interested, Caras Marketing and Training recommends blending statements in with any questions you ask.

One method they suggest is making statements before asking questions. For example, instead of simply asking “how will you be paying for this?”, try saying, “All that’s left is finalizing your payment. May I ask what payment method you’ll be using?” This is a very simple way to make the conversation flow better and make your customer feel more like a person, rather than just a sale.

7. Use a Referral Program

One of the best ways to increase your inbound leads is through previous customer referrals. According to Databox, inbound salespeople had more luck with increasing their inbound calls through referrals than with any other sales method! Their experts claim that customers brought in through referrals were almost twice as likely to make a purchase.

It’s incredibly simple to set up incentives for previous customers to do some of your advertising for you via word-of-mouth, such as money off their next purchase or a cash rebate.

8. Keep Track of What’s Working...and What’s Not

Your sales will only be as successful as the techniques you use. Keep track of what specifically is working for you, and what’s not. Review this information periodically, and make changes to your pitches, target customer profiles, and identification methods accordingly.

The Bottom Line

While all of these tips can help improve your success with inbound sales, the “Four Actions of Inbound Sales” should be at the forefront of your mind at all times:

  • Identify: Find your best-matched leads.
  • Connect: Have a conversation with these leads to turn them into qualified leads.
  • Explore: Explore your qualified lead’s wants, problems, and needs to find their best fit.
  • Advise: Show the customer how your product can solve their specific problems.

(Source: Databox)

With these tips in mind, you’re sure to find increased success with your sales efforts!


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