5 powerful HubSpot software integrations

By Angus McDonald - 08/12/2020 8:10:00 AM

When it comes to platforms for software integration, HubSpot is one of the most formidable forces out there. A lot of people in business may be familiar with it for a particular use case, say, customer relationship management, content management or marketing automation.

Others might be more fond of the synergy between its native hubs. But HubSpot allows for more than just that. 

Taking into account the fact that many businesses use a multitude of tools for different purposes, be it emailing, SMS, video chat etc., HubSpot offers integrations to help assimilate these tools.

What’s even better, HubSpot software integrations can be found in one central location known as the HubSpot App Marketplace, where they are properly organized according to criteria like their functionality, their makers, how recent they are, plus other details like number of installs.

Let’s take a look at some of the best integrations for HubSpot, going by categories that are currently an imperative for a typical business that has gone digital:


Connectors enable you to transfer information from your CRM to a multitude of 3rd party apps. Some useful ones include Zapier. You can also use to take the more repetitive tasks of your hands.

It will help synchronize your CRM with systems like PayPal, Trello, Quickbooks and Asana for automated invoicing, project management etc.

Team Communication

By integrating your CRM with a tool like Slack, you can utilize its powerful functions like channel-based task management, chat and file sharing, all from within your CRM. This helps you get to your team members in one place with better organization.

Social Media

An integration between your social media pages/accounts and your CRM can help you gather some important insight on what your social audience responds to, when and how to get their attention etc.

You can also take it further by automating posts to appear at the ideal moment for your Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

hubspot software integration

Call Software

Your organization may use calls for a number of reasons ranging from in-house collaboration to persuading prospects. By integrating your call software with your CRM, all call history, contacts and other call-related information will be available and easy to sort through within your CRM.

Zoom will integrate with your calendar tool and CRM for meetings in one click, while you can also schedule calls from your CRM with the help of an UberConference integration. 

Other call-related integrations like AirCall and CallRail allow for cloud-based call management and tracking.


Especially in the case of sales representatives of ecommerce businesses, it's important to link your CRM to the online shopping platform you’re using.

It enables you to match certain shopping behavior to particular customers and establish patterns that will later inform your strategies when communicating with them.

With a Shopify integration, you will be able to automatically synchronize product, order and contact information within your CRM, for each shopper.

Furthermore, integrating with Stripe will enable you to instantly add contacts when they receive quotes and make paying invoices more organized, among other online payment needs.

Other integrations

There are a number of other important integration categories with helpful tools such as Facebook Ads in advertising, SurveyMonkey and Typeform for form and data collection, WordPress when it comes to Web forms etc.

It all comes down to what your business needs; video-centric businesses can utilize YouTube, while those that rely on events can harness the power of Eventbrite and GoToWebinar. You can also use Service Hub and Zendesk for customer success.

Ultimately, vital categories and integrations will vary from one business to another.


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